Specialized Investigation for Stalking and Harassment Troubles

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Worldwide detective investigations conducted by Japanese professionals.

For Japanese residents in foreign countries:

Japanese residents in foreign countries can rely on our team for help with any challenges they may face, such as harassment, stalking, or other troubles during their study abroad, business trips, or migration.

Our approach includes meticulous investigations and thoughtful communication, supported by a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility.

We have an extensive track record in international investigations, including a branch office in Vietnam, and our multilingual detectives are proficient in various languages and have personal experience living abroad, enabling us to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers. We are committed to doing our utmost to help you regain a peaceful life.

What we focus on

Detective Duties:

We carry out various investigative work based on requests

from individuals and companies.

Detectives specialize in collecting evidence and information,

and conduct detective investigations in accordance with the laws of the target region.

We are required to meet the needs of clients

while respecting individual privacy and legal rules.

Overseas Detective Investigation Pricing

Basic Investigation… ¥132,000〜 (Tax in)
Incidental expenses… Price on estimate
Custom Investigation… Price on estimate
Report Generation and Evidence Submission… Included

※ All prices are displayed in JAPAN Yen.

※ Prices are subject to change without notice. Please inquire for accurate pricing.

※ You can choose to pay using credit cards, bank transfers, or PayPal in local currency or Japanese Yen.

How To Request