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Let’s start by discussing the current situation first.“Free Estimate, Free Consultation, Strict Confidentiality, Anonymity Optional”

For those who are busy and unable to find time, we offer free consultations and estimates via ZOOM.Rest assured that we maintain strict confidentiality regarding the details of your consultation.Please proceed to the inquiry form below.

    Handling of Personal Information

    FAMILY Investigation Agency recognizes the importance of personal information and strictly adheres to laws and regulations related to its protection. We have established a privacy policy to ensure the protection of personal information for all individuals involved in our business.
    The information you provide will be appropriately managed in accordance with our company's privacy protection policy. The purposes for which the information is collected include:

    • ○To respond accurately to your inquiries
    • ○To provide assistance for individual consultations
    • ○Any other purposes related to the above

    If you have any concerns or inquiries regarding personal information, please contact our inquiry desk.


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    the handling of personal information
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    ※You can also use a mobile phone email address or a free email address (such as Yahoo or Gmail).